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Malabar Fuel Corportation


Malabar Fuel Corporation has been continuously   involved in bottling and distribution of LPG as domestic and commercial fuel since1996.It is the first private LPG bottling plant in Kerala and the only one in Malabar area.

We carry out LPG bottling for public sector oil company, Bharat Petroleum from our plant since 2008. We have been supplying average 25000 MT per month from June 2008 onwards.

The plant is ideally located in 622 cents of land. It was fully renovated in the year 2007. Our LPG bottling plant ensures superior work man ship and we have employed well experienced technical people to work in the plant. We have a contemporary administrative office for our support staff.

Our dealer net work is from Kasargod to Palghat, Trichur District and has been catering LPG to many sections of the society .Our efforts to increase the number of dealers are continuing and we have been trying to get maximum coverage by representing the unrepresented area. Our business expansion plans include increasing the number of dealers to increase the volume of business.

Our bottling plant has its own system of stringent safety and quality control checks built –in at different stages.

 Our diligent service and honesty in the industry should gain better results in the years to come.